Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Game Sixteen

Game Sixteen-Boston @ New York

Buchholz vs. Wang

Boston gets on the board first-Pedroia works a walk, advances on a grounder, and Manny crashes a double to center to redeem the counter. 1-0 Boston.

But New York gets a 2 run shot from Abreu and a solo shot from ARod to go up 3-1 in the bottom of the first.

Then a single and two walks, followed by a FC, scores another Boston run. 3-2. We had the bases loaded with nobody out, though. We should have done better than that. Hopefully we won't regret not getting more than the one run.

Listening to Joe Morgan try to talk is painful. Like having dental work.

Short break to run to the store, now back to a 7-6 New York lead, top of the 5th. Great. Another 16 hour game.

Another short break, and its 9-9, bottom of the fifth. Eventually, the players have to get tired from running the bases, right?

Now 11-9 New York. Relief pitching, anyone?

The game seems to be settling in, so this might be a loss for us, the first since Friday. The Yankee bullpen is shutting us down.

These games are endurance tests for everybody-fans, players, announcers...

Well, now it's silly season-New York blows it open against Timlin in the 8th, opening a 15-9 lead.

Good night, sweet prince.

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  1. "...ARod..."

    It never made sense to me why Ivan Rodriguez was called "Pudge" instead of following Alex Rodriguez's precedent and just calling himself "Irod"


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