Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Twenty Album Thing, Part Two (6-10)

6. Metallica, ...And Justice For All

Toughie here. It would be a cop out to just say, "Live S^&t", and you would cover most phases of their career. And their newest, "Death Magnetic", is no slouch. But this album was IT for me towards the end of high school. Remember when they used to brag about how long albums were on the cover sometimes? That was this one-a brutal, unrelenting assault of a record, twisting and complex and messed up and fast and furious.

7. Tesla, Five Man Acoustical Jam

I know, a hair metal band. But this is a really, really great live record, including acoustic versions of their best songs, plus covers of Beatles, Stones, and Dead songs. I listened to this one to the point of wearing the letters off of the tape label.

8. REM, Out of Time

Yeah, yeah, Losing My Religion. But this one, for me, is another album where the unrecognized B side gets missed. A whole lot of gems on here, and I always felt like I was smarter after listening to it.

9. Evita, Original Broadway Soundtrack

Complete and utter LOVE for this musical. I can't even really explain why, exactly. I have just always loved it, and have killed a lot of long car trips playing it and singing along.

10. Guns N Roses, Appetite for Destruction

Another great singalong album for driving fast while you are really really mad. Other than "Jungle" and "Sweet Child", a lot of good songs with some nonsensical lyrics that really feel good when you're screaming them into the woods.

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