Sunday, March 01, 2009

What I'm Reading

An excellent account of mathematician David Li and the equation that doomed us all.
How ironic that the one phrase that financial types have been throwing at us for years-past performance is no guarantee of future results-is the one thing the formula didn't account for.

I finished John Updike's Bech books, and also his novel "S.", an epistolary story about a woman who leaves her husband to join an ashram in Arizona and then robs the ashram. Also reread "The Watchmen" today, getting much more out of it this time than I did the first time.

Now moving on to the Ian McEwan novels I got from the library, but I have the Rabbit Angstrom books sitting here too, and the temptation to start them again is pretty strong.

I heard this song in the car today, and I had forgotten how much I liked it, "back in the day".

Which, as Dane Cook teaches us, was a Wednesday.

I think somebody recently discovered how easy it is to embed videos.

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