Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Twenty Albums Thing, Part Three (11-15)

11. Elton John, Live In Australia

Elton is hard-so many excellent songs, but so much filler on his studio albums. I'm cheating a little here by going with a Live album, but it is one I listened to constantly, and wrote short stories by the yard while listening to it. I think it is the first one I bought after Greatest Hits.

12. Les Miserables, the Complete Symphonic Recording

Again, a little bit of a cheat, but it's long...really, really, long....and totally singable. Sorta. As long as "good" isn't a prerequisite.

13. Chess, American Cast Recording

An absolute crime that this hasn't become a movie or a bigger hit musical-ask anyone who likes it, they will tell you how great it is. Very in the car singable, too.

14. Paul Simon, Graceland

Again, something I listened to a TON, and it has very listenable songs other than the ones you've heard.

15. Bon Jovi, New Jersey

Guilty pleasure time. I hated Bon Jovi, at least partially because they weren't cool. But, for some reason, I think the video for "Wanted Dead or Alive", turned me. So I bought this one when it came out, because that's what you did, and loved this thing. Every track-even the mushy ones-ate it up WHOLE.

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