Sunday, February 08, 2009

Less Shouting?

In his "My Turn" essay, evangelical Richard Mouw, in a plea for tolerance, says, "I voted for the ban. As an evangelical, I subscribe to the 'traditional' definition of a marriage, and I do not want to see the definition changed. Does that mean I want to impose my personal convictions on the broader population? No. I celebrate the fact that we live in a pluralistic society, with many different worldviews and lifestyles. I support the democratic process and believe that civil society is at its best when people with different perspectives engage in a mutually respectful dialogue."

No one is asking you to change your definition of marriage. Your church can marry whomever it pleases. An atheist can't be married in my church. The rest of us are just asking that you keep your views on marriage to yourself.

You celebrate pluralism, I guess as long as that pluralism doesn't make you feel icky.

This is what I cannot understand about gay marriage opponents-what is it about anyone's marriage, including mine, that has any impact on you at all? Ever?

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