Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Much as I hate to perpetuate memes...

...this has me giggling like a schoolboy.

Check out


  1. This is made even funnier by the fact that my wife and I, during the 15 years of our marriage, have experienced:

    -A Burger King that was out of burgers.

    -A Kentucky Fried Chicken that was out of chicken.

    So, paradoxically, the sign is somewhat helpful in that respect.

  2. I suppose so.

    I must admit, I was pretty taken aback once when I went to McDonalds, ordered my meal, and they asked me what kind of drink I wanted. I'm sure I replied Coke, or Diet Coke depending on which I was liking at the time. When I got to the Window, they told me the machine has been broken for 3 hours.

    ...So why ask me to begin with?

  3. I guess they wanted to know what kind of drink you would have wanted...if, in fact, they had drinks.

    If you've ever been in retail, sometimes you get like that-you say it automatically, just because you say it hundreds of times a day, regardless of what reality is.

  4. Michael: You beat me to it. I was going to add the time at the Detroit airport when the Burger King was out of WHOPPERS.

  5. The funniest part of the Burger King episode was my wife, in the parking lot afterwards, in an exaggerated accent, "Burger King? They should call it Chicken or Fish King"! (Apparently it was the broiler that was out-they could make chicken or fish sandwiches, just not burgers.)


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