Monday, June 15, 2009


Thanks to clever, saucy Tia, we have today's Meme-iShame-TEN SONGS ON MY IPOD THAT I'M NOT PARTICULARLY PROUD OF

1. Raffi, "Bananaphone" - My son thankfully dodged the Raffi virus, but I heard this song and it's quirky sense of humor on a Youtube video my son was watching, and fell in love with it.

2. Billy Joel, "All You Wanna Do Is Dance" - I love Billy Joel. LOVE Billy Joel. But a few of his songs are L-A-M-E. This is one.

3. The Eagles, "Frail Grasp of the Big Picture" - While I love the Eagles, their most recent album was a real disappointment. I could have lived without it.

4. Tone Loc, "Funky Cold Medina" - Yeah. Funky Cold Medina. He was popular for about 4 1/2 minutes, but I loved it.

5. Shakira, "Hips Don't Lie" - Not my kind of music, but she's got a point.

6. Wilson Phillips, "Daniel" - My wife will never let me forget that I actually used American money to pay for Wilson Phillips' first album. This is not from that album, but from the "Two Rooms" tribute. It's the only WP I have left.

7. Pavement, "Jackals, False Grails: The Lonesome Era" - It was on sale, OK?

8. Jimmy Buffett, "Jolly Mon Sing" - Maybe it makes more sense if you're drunk. Love Buffett, but this song is stupid.

9. Velvet Revolver, "Just Sixteen" - Another victim of the Fruitcake Corollary, first posited by Professor Jim Gaffigan: How can individual things that rule create something that sucks?

10. Rush, "La Villa Strangiato" - Groups really need to stop with the instrumentals.


  1. Sha-kira Shakira...

    ...I'm resisting the urge to break out into full on "Hips" mode. The world isn't ready for that. And frankly, neither am I.

  2. There's nothing wrong with shakin' what your momma gave ya.

  3. Bananaphone is now stuck in my head. One of those songs that I have trouble getting rid of once it has settled in.

    Geez... but then, I have an album on mine titled "Pure Anus" but its by Sublime, which redeems it. Right?


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