Friday, June 19, 2009

No Giveaways

Funny moment at the bank today.

I needed a $50.00 bill to put in a card, so I went into my bank and saw the teller. When she signaled for me to come forward, I stepped forward and said, “I have a real easy one for you. I just need a $50.00 bill.”

I then stared at her. She stared back. I don’t know what I was thinking, exactly, but I hadn’t handed her any money yet, so that’s obviously what she was waiting for.

Finally, I realized what the standoff was. “Oh, you’re not just giving them away?,” I asked, to general laughter.


Guess what game my wife and I were playing last night?

Not that, Katie. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Modeled after Monty Python’s “Word Association Football”, along with the infamous Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, it involves starting with any object or name, then connecting them with another, no matter how tenuous or obscure the association. Unfortunately, you have to either quit playing, or agree on a common stopping point (We’ll stop when we get to “maple syrup” ), because the fiendish glee of this game is that you can literally play it forever.

For example-an extremely abbreviated version connecting maple syrup with Paris Hilton:

Maple syrup (product of Canada)
Mike Myers (another product of Canada)
“Dirty Hoe” (joke from Myers’ “The Cat In The Hat”)
Paris Hilton (duh)

In case you were wondering whether or not this was a naked attempt to steal eyeballs for people who are Googling “Paris Hilton”, this is not a wholly naked attempt to do that, no.

Now I’ve got people who search for “Paris Hilton naked”, too.


1.Increase blog traffic

(h/t South Park and the Underpants Gnomes)

By the way, if you have to ask yourself whether or not you are in the way, you probably are.


WBR-the lovely podcast from Rob and Eric that features pop culture, music, and your mom-is still worth your time. Check out


Dan Carlin had a chilling Hardcore History I listened to yesterday while walking with my son-more material on the Russian/German battles during World War II. He is also well worth your time, and 100% free, at



  1. I never expected to see Underpants Gnomes here.

    "We want underpants today, all day
    Search for underpants, today
    We won't stop until we have underpants
    Yum yum yummy yum yay
    Time to go to work, work all day
    Search for underpants today
    We won't stop until we have underpants
    Yum yum yummy yum yay "

  2. You are the SECOND person to call me out on being sick minded, haha!

    I love my reputation. I've grown quite fond of it.

    For the record, I totally thought you guys were....ya know, Making cookies or something. :D

  3. This comment might help you nail the "nude Dan Carlin" searchers, though.

  4. This made me smile. Paris Hilton has done nothing to earn her wealth or fame. So if you can use her name to get a little of either, I can't see any moral objection:)


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