Tuesday, June 15, 2010

100 Saucy Words: "Visitor"

100 Words, blah blah blah blah. The word is "sauce" this week. The piece is called "Visitor". Here goes...

I watched her serving dinner. Ladling sauce, assessing, adding a little more. Judging. She always made sure everyone got the right amount. My brother, my father, myself-was there room for more? I knew the answer, but something kept me from entirely believing it. “Dinner,” she called out. They came from different rooms to the table. I watched them assemble, then took my place. The food looked fine, but I was vaguely nauseous, turning the smell acrid in my throat. I looked at her, then down at the napkin in my lap. “I'm not really hungry,” I said softly.


  1. Hopefully family dinners at my house aren't that bad.

  2. Children know things. Even sauce can't hide the taste of that.

  3. Wise to be able to say no to what she was dishing up. Good writing.


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