Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hanna Rosin hates men, and why the Celtics are doomed

That's an exaggeration, of course. I don't know Hanna Rosin, and she is married to a man, so arguably, she doesn't hate at least one man. (Those who have been married may dispute this conclusion. But I digress.)

What I am certain Hanna Rosin did do is write this, a piece in The Atlantic magazine talking about how men, generally speaking, are fairly useless as far as American society goes. I don't want to believe this, but I can't dismiss it-I have felt for years that men, especially undereducated men, are just getting squeezed out of American society in 2010-there isn't any place for them anymore.


The Boston Celtics were beaten, tied up, and whipped like dogs last night, losing Game Six of the NBA Finals. Game Seven, the winner of whom will become NBA Champion, is Thursday night, and, though I don't wish to believe it, the Celtics are doomed.

Throughout the series, when the Lakers exert effort on defense, they are simply too tall for the Celtics-they disrupt passes and shots too aggressively for the Celtics to counter. Without Kendrick Perkins probably out for Game Seven, that makes one less big man to guard Gasol and Bynum, and even the screwball antics of Messrs. Odom and Artest may not be enough to allow the Celtics to win.

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  1. First let me say that Rosin's article was more of a novel (and this is coming from someone who writes insanely lengthy blog posts and leaves inappropriately long comments) - but she's done some pretty fascinating research! A lot of which I never even thought about. But I highly doubt it is the "end of men" or something that dramatic. The world progresses in cycles. It might be this way right now, but who knows what will happen. Guys will probably start dominating the "nurturing" professions in a couple years and we'll be back to how we were back in the '20s. After all, it is a man's'd just be nothing without a woman ^_^

    As for the game tonight, I have no qualms with your prediction. Whether you feel it's the Kobe show or not, the Lakers are just the best team in the league (and/or my favorite team).


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