Monday, April 28, 2008

The cutestest ever

April 28, 2008

No game today. Hopefully this day off will get us out of this little rut we’re in.

Excellent piece on 60 Minutes about Antonin Scalia. He comes off as very charming, as it has long been said that he is. He makes originalism sound as natural as breathing. I was gravely disappointed, however, that when Bush v. Gore came up, they let him skate on it. None of them has ever fully explained their reasoning, which further leads us to the conclusion that the decision is still as fraudulent as it first appeared.

Bob Edwards’ podcast, which can be uneven for me because there is so much I care so little about, was great this week-a long discussion with Robert Schlesinger about presidents and speechwriters, and then Eddie Izzard! Eddie Izzard! Be still my heart.

I think I’m getting a little picture happy. It’s kind of like Superman on the first day after discovering flight. Kind of.

I have a problem with a colleague. Well, not really a problem, or not really a problem yet. She has an autoimmune disorder of some severity, and constantly complains of pain and fatigue. If she leaves work for any significant period of time, my workload skyrockets. Yet she continually runs herself ragged holding dinner parties and the like, complaining all the while how tired she is and how she shouldn’t be doing it.

It is my business (peripherally) because her health (or lack of it) has a very big impact on my life-I want her to slow down. But I can also see it from her point of view-she has this thing, there is no cure and very little relief in sight, so in some way isn’t she entitled to lead her life the way she wants to?

This is Simon. He is the cutest boy ever. I know you may have a different opinion. But I don't care.

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  1. He's pretty cute.

    "Eddie Izzard, be still my heart!" Same boat, buddy!

    Hmmm, the co-worker thing. ARe you able to be honest with her about the toil it is taking on you to make up for what she is unable to finish? I do think we should all have the same rights, but sometimes that means that you have to reconsider your position. When I am no longer able to do my job (which is VERY strenuous at times) and live a life that I love...I will have to try and find a job that I can perform well and live a good life alongside. I'm sure she doesn't want to fail you, and probably worries about it already. A difficult conversation to bring up for sure. I don't envy you that one bit. Sorry for your trouble.


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