Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day! May Day! (Game Thirty)

AJ Burnett simply kicked ass and took names today, riding us hard and putting us away wet in a 3-0 defeat. Another strong effort from a starting pitcher, though, as that part of our game starts to come together. With Phil Hughes out for a couple of months, it appears, all things look to be leaning in our direction at this time.

I still don't believe in the Rays or the Orioles, or even, really, the Jays in this division. This division is still Red Sox/Yankees, as it was and ever shall be.

Got a morning blood test, followed by work on my oral presentation. I have the handouts finalized, copied, and stapled. Now I just have to get comfortable with the material so I don't freeze.

Today was one of my allotted personal days. I didn't do too much with it. I hope no one takes that personally.

Now watching "Don't Look Back" on VH1 Classic.

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