Thursday, May 01, 2008

In The Still of the Night

Apparently, Whitesnake is releasing a new album. Like The Eagles, it's a Wal Mart only release.

Are you serious? Was there a DEMAND for this? Were hordes of people assembling in the music section of Wal Mart, crying out, "if only there were new Whitesnake songs!"

And Which Whitesnake? Didn't they have like 5 different guitar players at different points?

Don't get me wrong, I bought the eponymous Whitesnake album, in 1987, when we were all ordered to. It wasn't bad. And that "Is This Love?" song was excellent, with the spectacular woman in it, Tawny Kitaen, who went on to even greater renown for beating up left handed American League starting pitchers with her high heeled shoe.

But really? Whitesnake?

All together now, on three...



  1. I hear Def Leppard is putting new one out also........UGH....let it be already. The 80's are gone and I loved them, but let sleeping dogs lie already! I think I just threw up in my mouth!

  2. Is this the band that burnt a bunch of their fans to death? Or was it trampling? I forgot exactly who was involved.

  3. Have to be sure and rush right out for that one - :l

  4. I don't think Whitesnake was involved in any fan death incidents, other than perhaps boring them to death.

    Are you thinking of the Who, with the trampling incident in Cincinnati?


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