Friday, May 02, 2008

The Mossman Cometh

Tampa's Edwin Jackson, who is on my fantasy team, is apparently coming apart at the seams, giving up a solo home run to the Working Class Hero, Brandon Moss, followed by RBI hits from Ellsbury, Pedroia, and Ortiz pushed Boston out to a 6-0 lead. With Clay The Wonder Horse in pretty clear control, hopefully we can put this one in the win column.

Tampa did get one run on a wild pitch, so it's 6-1, but we should be able to put this one in the books.

Boston dropped Game 6 of their opening round series against the Atlanta Hawks, forcing a Game 7 Sunday in Boston. With all the hype and talk about Boston's ascension to the levels of the true greats, a first round series loss would not exactly fit the bill.

A disturbing story out of my adopted hometown, Philadelphia. Apparently Colts reciever Marvin Harrison, who is a Philadelphia native, had some shots fired in front of a restaurant he owns. One of the Sports Radio stations in town is reported that Harrison is closely linked to the shooting, either that he shot the gun or it was his gun that was shot.

Of course, Harrison's people deny it. The station better be right, and they better proclaim his innocence just as loudly as they did his potential guilt.

Harrison had been the very model of a professional athlete throughout his career, which makes a story like this doubly stunning. I said the same thing about OJ Simpson, though, so there you go.

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