Sunday, May 18, 2008

Detroit Pistons Insult Sheet

In high school, when the Celtics were in the playoffs, my friends and I used to circulate a "Insult Sheet", upon which you would write nonsensical insults and putdowns about the Celtics' current opponent. Therefore, in celebration of the Celtics' first relevant team in my son's life, 10 insults about the Detroit Pistons.

10. Chauncey Billups belongs in a 19th century novel.
9. Michigan is really part of Canada anyway.
8. Flip Saunders belongs in a movie about pool hustlers.
7. Rasheed Wallace. What more need be said?
6. Lindsey Hunter is 800 years old. If you remember the Carter Administration, you shouldn't be allowed to play.
5. Arron Afflalo doesn't spell his first name or his last name correctly.
4. Jason Maxiell should go back to making coffee.
3. Walter Herrman should go back to narrating stuff on the History Channel.
2. Jarvis Hayes sounds so much like a US President, he should be playing for the Red Sox.
1. If too many people clap at once, Tayshaun Prince might fall over from the wind generated.

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