Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two more things

Dimly heard through a sleep deprived haze this morning...

Mike Piazza is retiring. First ballot Hall of Famer, and by far the best hitting catcher who ever lived. Long rumored to be gay.

Whatever that means, the man was a 62nd round draft pick as a favor to his father, who knew Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda. He raked, simply crushing the ball for almost 20 years. Defensively, as a catcher, he made a great first baseman. But he hit.

Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor. I lived in Massachusetts for most of my life, and we would tell Kennedy jokes like everyone else. But the fat boy at the tail end of the Kennedy family accomplished quite a lot in his life, and he will always be my senator. He's not dead, of course, but to all reports, it doesn't sound too good.

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