Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Day To Give Up Sniffing Glue

Game Forty Eight

Continuing the tradition of Red Sox players whose names sound like cowboys or US Presidents, Justin Masterson came up again from Double A and stunned the Royals, throwing 6 1/3 innings with only 3 hits and 1 run, for Boston's fifth straight win.

Across town, the Boston Celtics lead Detroit, 75-69, in the fourth quarter of Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Another devastating Dan Carlin's Common Sense. This time about torture. I was afraid of where he was going to go with it, but as usual, he went exactly where I would have gone, saying what was within my own head. His analogy, which was simply perfect, was between George Bush and Charles Manson. Hear me out. Charles Manson didn't kill anyone. George Bush didn't torture anyone. Charles Manson ordered others to kill. George Bush ordered others to torture. It's as simple as that. George W. Bush is a war criminal and should be tried, convicted, and imprisoned for crimes against mankind.

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