Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trouble In New York

In the 4th inning of the Mets/Yankees game, a Mets home run was disallowed due to a blown call by the third base umpire. He called a ball foul that banged off the foul pole, so instead of 6 runs the Mets got four. Hope that doesnt cost them a game. Joe Morgan started nattering about how we can't have instant replay in baseball because it takes too long. Like so many things Morgan says, that's wrong. There's no reason why you couldnt have a system like the NBA-one specific type of call is reviewable. They come over to the monitor, review it, and that's it. I'm against replay review in all sports-if it is to be played by people, it should be ruled by people. You are going to get some game outcomes ruined by bad calls-but that's the nature of things.

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