Sunday, March 08, 2009

And, perhaps even MORE importantly...

Alex Rodriguez, controversy laden third baseman and cleanup hitter for the Evil Empire, is undergoing surgery after all for his bad hip. Doctors say he will only miss April and part of May, but as parents worldwide like to say, we will see.


  1. Now that it is well known that he is a cheater, it'll probably come out that he will get a superpowered borg hip replacement. But I'm not sure that a cyborg hip would help him cheat at baseball.

  2. Well, he has been assimilated, I know that much.

    The torque of the swing does involve the hips, though, to some degree. I can imagine he must be in significant discomfort.

  3. You are right. Do you remember the Sandlot Slugger toy? Click here. If A-Rod got that sort of ratchet-and-spring-release mechanical hip motion, he'd be unstoppable.


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