Sunday, March 08, 2009

No, no, no, no, no! BAD Widget. No cookie.

Faithful readers will note that I recently added a little birthday widget, thus giving me yet another reason to come up with something to blog about. Because, goodness knows, there aren't enough bloggers out here, and the world simply cannot do without my opinion.

Actually, I think I do this mostly just to force myself to put words into sentences so I don't forget how.

Anyway, today's entry says "Pat Riley, 1972". I think, immediately, "that can't be the same Pat Riley." So I click the link, and it has a bunch of coaching and motivation related quotes. So I keep investigating, and clearly the people who make this widget think that this Pat Riley:

was born in 1972. This would make him 6 months YOUNGER than me.

In March of 1972, Pat Riley was finishing his fifth NBA season, playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. That would be a tremendous accomplishment for an infant.

Plus he wasn't even born on March says he was born on March 20.

Widget FAIL!

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