Sunday, March 08, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Good old David Sirota, cheering everybody up again...

"That’s the term that popped into my mind as I baked in the Mexican sun—apocalypse: a phenomenon whose signs are everywhere these days.

Iraq bleeds from unending strife, while Israelis and Palestinians appear intent on annihilating each other. Pakistan just released A.Q. Khan, the scientist who delivered nuclear secrets to North Korea—the country that’s again threatening to conduct long-range missile tests. Colombia’s civil war rages, and “great news” in Mexico is President Felipe Calderon announcing that drug cartels haven’t totally taken over the country."

Can't say that he's wrong.


  1. And I just heard on the radio this morning someone urging Obama to approve of the "moderate Taliban" in Afghanistan.

    So, what are the moderates? The ones who throw vinegar in women's faces instead of burning acid if they dare go to school, and they force women to were 25 lbs Burka's instead of 60 lbs ones?

  2. I prefer talking to shooting, but you have a point, too. "Moderate" Taliban is kind of like "slightly" pregnant.


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