Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Game Fifty Three: Whaddaya Know-Josh is Back!

Josh Beckett took a no hitter into the seventh inning tonight, handing the game off to Danny Ocean and Sensei Saito, who tried, with some help from errors by Our Man DP and Mike Lowell, American Hero, to give it away, but failed, finishing off a 10-5 win.

Sadly, Kevin Youkilis was involved in a spiking incident at first base late in the game. Hopefully, he will be fine. If he's not, this is probably going to turn into a blog about Andean mountain songs, because the Red Sox season will be over.


  1. Whahoo! Happy dancing again!

    (I'll pray for Kevin Youkilis.)

  2. So I was clicking through random links today that brought me to your site. Though I'm not anywhere close to a BoSox fan (2004 still hurts my soul), I appreciate your obvious love of the game. And I do hope Youkilis is ok. The game is way more interesting if the good ones are actually playing well.

    And I had to tell you that the Nike commercial from a day or two ago had me laughing out loud. Oh Mark McGwire.

  3. The boy got to go to the Twins game last night with his baseball team. They got to parade around the park before the game started.

    Too bad they lost 10-1. =(


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