Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Game Fifty Two: Phew!

After the Official Dice K Stimulate The Economy By Making People Buy More Soft Drinks During The Game Outing, (5 innings, 96 pitches), Metropolitan District Commission, The Okey Doke, and New Guy RR held the door shut on the Tigres. Leading 5-1 after 8, The Lord of the Dance did a stunning Mitch Williams impersonation, allowing three hits to load the bases. However, also like Mitch Williams, having sustained the economy by inducing business for hypertension clinics throughout New England, he then struck out the side to end the game.

Of course.

So Boston wins, 5-1. They play these same Motor City Madmen again tomorrow, with That Guy Who Used To Be Josh Beckett facing Armando Galarraga. Who is not to be confused with Andres Galarraga, the Big Cat. Or Galaga, the video game.

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  1. The roller coaster goes up, the roller coaster goes down and the roller coaster goes up. Geez...
    its a ride!


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