Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The 100 Word Challenge: Abundant Caution

The word for the 100 Word Challenge this week is abundant. Mine is called "Abundant Caution".

“Abundant caution?”

“Abundant caution,” he repeated.

I looked down at my shoes. There was a scuff on the one of them that I had somehow missed. It bothered me now.

“He's ready to bolt?” I asked.

“He asked to speak to you. He always liked you. He's a big client. Don't screw this up.”

I had to talk him into staying, do whatever it took-without Richard Cook's millions of dollars in legal fees, the firm is closed, and we'd all be looking for work.

I pulled my blouse tight.

“Here goes nothing,” I said quietly.


  1. How many buttons translate into 'abundant caution?' Well done.

  2. I would suggest abundantly cautious abandon. Always worked for me.

    Very cute 100 words, Michael.

  3. An interesting take on abundant. I'm liking this alot.

  4. That is a different one. Like that:)

  5. Now that's a surprise - and well done.


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