Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fantasy Team, Week One

I have 4 points, and my opponent has 6. The week ends today, and I don't have any starting pitchers left, so I can only hope for my hitting to pull me out. I have a chance to catch the other guys in OBP, R, and HR, though I need two to tie and all three to win outright. Sounds like I'm going down in week one.


  1. You are the first blog I have come to that says "objectionable you want to proceed". I am not finding offensive material.....I feel jipped now. heheheheh

  2. Well, I did say I was going down.

    Seriously, I was fiddling with it and it offers you a switch to put that screen on. I figured, since I curse every now and again, I would turn it on.


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