Thursday, April 10, 2008

Game The Tenth-Part The First

Detroit (1-7) at Boston (4-5)

Robertson against Wakefield

Boston feed tonight, with Dave O'Brien instead of Dale Arnold. At least it's not Glenn Geffner.

Be nice to get a win before the Empire comes to town.

I went all over in search of Randy Pausch's "The Last Lecture" in book form, but it was sold out everywhere I went. Which is good in the sense of that he's selling books, and his message is getting out there. But it's bad in the sense that I get cranky when a book is available and I can't get it. In the era of on demand publishing, that shouldn't ever happen. At all.

BTW, if you have never seen The Last Lecture, you really, really need to.

Take an hour of your life, sit still and watch it. You will not be the same again.

Scoreless first inning for Wakefield.

Mike Lowell is out with a sprained thumb. That's not good by any means, but we get to see Jed Lowrie, and, at this point in the season, it's a survivable loss.

I'm now rereading The Traveler, which I read shortly after it came out. It's a dystopian novel, but it moves along delightfully. I recently discovered and bought the sequel, but it had been so long I had to read the first book again.

Scoreless first inning for Robertson.

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