Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Game Nine(Continued)-The Fall of the Roman Umpire

More trouble-Brandon Inge singles in two runs for a 6-2 Detroit lead, top 8.

Now Pudge singles as well, and the rebels are on the loose, rampaging through the bullpen. I guess we had to expect this from Detroit-they were too good to stay down too long.

Now Tavarez hits Polanco with a pitch, loading the bases, but Sheffield hits into a double play to end the inning.

Now Bottom Eight, with the iron coming up, Ortiz and the Bad Man. But we need one heck of a rally to get close.

Papi is workin' it-fouling off four straight pitches. Now five. Now grounds out to second. The Bad Man singles, then Casey grounds into a DP. Oh well.

My wife and I are having very similar problems with our respective employers. They claim to have priorities, then when we attempt to carry out the priorities they assure us they care about, it turns out they don't really mean it. It's not surprising, exactly, just disheartening. Why doesn't anyone mean what they say?

Top 9. Guillen homers to make it 7-2. It's silly season, time to pack it up.

I forgot to mention the National Championship Game, won by Kansas over Memphis. It was a tremendous game, Kansas having to come back very late in the game, including a game tying 3 with less than 3 seconds to go by Kansas' Mario Chalmers before storming through the overtime for the victory.

Bottom 9. Todd Jones on to pitch. Do you put your closer into a 7-2 game? If you're 0-7 you do, I guess. Jones loaded the bases, but managed to hang on to give Detroit their first win of the year. Oh well.

A disappointing loss, though not a soul crusher. Could have had it, with a few more key hits and somebody on this team TRUSTING THEIR STUFF for once. Sigh.

One more against Detroit tomorrow, then New York over the weekend, then to Cleveland. As Wile E. Coyote once put it, "Yipe."

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