Sunday, April 06, 2008

Game Seven

Boston 4, Toronto 7

Ugh, a sweep in Toronto. Beckett was back today, but struggled with control, bringing back memories of the 2006 Beckett.

Jacoby homered for a 1-0 lead, then Vernon Wells slammed one with Rios on for a 2-1 Toronto lead. Varitek homered to tie the score, then in the fifth, Beckett gives up a single to Aaron Hill, then walks Alex Rios and Wells. Delcarmen is called upon (wisely-I can't imagine leaving him in to face Thomas after two straight walks) and he gives up the jack to Thomas for a 6-2 lead. Hill doubles in a run for the seventh run, and then JD Drew homers again to trim the lead to 7-3. David Ortiz singles in a run, and the Red Sox get two on in the ninth before falling to the mighty Jeremy Accardo.

I guess this is a close game, since any time you get the tying run to the plate in the ninth, it's a close one, but it doesn't feel close. Getting swept by the Jays hurts, period, especially with Detroit and New York on the immediate horizon, although Okajima and Papelbon pitched well at the end.

Lots of failures in the clutch-any time you have ten hits and four runs, you've got an issue. These things will turn around-as long as Boston keeps filling the bases, the runs will come. But it's hard to come home and face two pretty good teams coming off a sweep in Toronto.

Of the four losses, I would only count yesterday as a bad one, truly. But as St. Bill of Parcells used to put it, you are what your record says you are. And what we are is 3-4.

Day off tomorrow, then Detroit in the home opener Tuesday.

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