Sunday, April 06, 2008

Obama and Walgreens

Just made a short trip to Walgreens for cold medications for my suffering wife. One of the checkout clerks had an Obama button on his uniform shirt.

That's terrific-but I can't think that corporate approves of that. Being a late Sunday afternoon, they probably don't know about it. And maybe the kid said, "I'm wearing it. Fire me." But I have to think they wouldn't like it.

On the way back, we discussed things in general, including whether or not a container truck marked "MOL" belongs to Gretchen ( and who will run with Obama. My wife came up with Bill Clinton, which would never happen, but talk about the ultimate FU to Hillary.

I raised Gore, which will probably never happen either, but would make a fantastic ticket.


  1. His running mate should be Richardson.

    He had the most experience and qualifications of those running. It balances Obama's no experience.

  2. Thanks for linking, too. Did I visit your blog and comment and forget the name? Sorry about that. Otherwise, how did you find me?

  3. I haven't a clue how I found you. I tend to bloghop, just going from post to post, commenting when I feel the urge, hoping someone will follow me back down the rabbit hole to mine. Obviously, I found you that way, but whether through a link or a comment, I don't know.

    As for experience, I don't buy that there is any experience that qualifies you to be president. There isn't any other job like it, at all.

    I don't find Obama to have more or less relevant experience than anyone else does.

    But thanks for reading, as well.

  4. "I raised Gore"

    I bet you are proud that your child grew up to invent both the Internet and Global Warming.

    Seriously, Gore comes across now like a bloated raging windbag. Why not someone instead like Bill Richardson, the "gravitas" guy who is well liked, has the best variety of experience, and can help with the Hispanic vote also?

  5. Well...uh....

    Sure, Richardson would be a fine candidate.

    I'll resist the temptation to react to the cheap, unfair, untrue Gore jokes.

  6. Of course Gore did not invent global warming. But he did take false credit for the invention of the Internet... something which other guys created before Gore even got into Congress. It is no more unfair to point out this whopper than it is to remember that other guy who talked about the Internet being made of tubes.

    The bloated windbag line invites comparison to Rush Limbaugh. But at least no-one is trying to get Rush Limbaugh to run for President.

    Gore does have wide experience, true. That would help the ticket. But he does have a reputation as a partisan (which would drive away the middle and independents) and high negatives. He'd blunt a litle Obama's drive for "change".

    Richardson just does not have this baggage.

  7. Well, actually, no, he didn't.

    What he literally said was that he "took the initiative in creating the Internet."

    What he literally did was sponsor a bill which lifted a ban on using the Internet for commercial purposes in 1991. What existed before Gore's bill was not the Internet as we know it today-it was a closed loop between defense, aerospace, tech firms and academia.

    So yes, in a way he did invent the Internet-he made it possible for there to be a commercial Internet in one's home.


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