Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey Mom, I'm in Jail!

This is a radio one, but it still ranks as one of the most memorable things I have ever experienced. Controversial radio hosts Opie and Anthony were on the radio in Massachusetts at the time, and in order to give a listener tickets to a concert, they made them play "Hey Mom, I'm in Jail." on Mother's Day. They set up a three way call between the contestant and his mother, along with one of the hosts pretending to be the police. The contestant had to explain to his mother that he was pulled over with a trunk full of marijuana, and the hosts would not relent until the contestant had convinced his mother he was truly in jail.

Painful, but so funny I had to pull over from laughing so hard.


  1. My favorite one was on WBCN with Charles Laquidara on his morning show The Big Mattress. He called a listener on his birthday pretending to be Campus security at UMASS and said 'your daughter was found drunk and naked on the lawn and was arrested' The guy responded very seriously, 'that can't be...' Oh no Sir, we assure you she's in big trouble (tee hee). To which he says, 'No you don't understand, my daughter died two years ago...' Radio silence. Charles comes on the air and tries to apologize and offers to talk to him 'off the air.' 'What Do You Mean OFF THE AIR!?!? AM I ON THE RADIO!?!!?!? IS THIS SOME KIND OF A SICK JOKE?!?!?!'

    A song starts playing...

    Maybe 30 seconds into the song it stops and all you hear is laughter.

    Turns out it was Charles' birthday and they turned the tables on him this time.



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