Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ron Silver, RIP

Actor Ron Silver, who starred in one of my favorite movies, "Reversal of Fortune", as well as one of my favorite TV shows, The West Wing, is dead at the age of 62. He leaves behind two children and an ex wife.


  1. I mainly remember him from "Lifepod". He is to be commended for his political principles in opposing the terrorists, and not throwing away sense in order to toe "the party line" like so many of his colleages did.

  2. I don't think, in fact, by supporting the Republican Party he did any such thing-but you're right. He was clearly swimming against the tide, more or less, in Hollywood. Lawrence O'Donnell, who worked with him on The West Wing, mentioned that, though they liked to tease him, he was unfailingly polite and decent to everyone.


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