Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A surprisingly difficult prompt

Thanks to the Imagination Prompt Generator:

10 Things I Am Pessimistic About:

1. My profession. While we make airy claims about improving service, I can smell the inevitable replacement by machines.

2. The economy. I read history because it reminds me that others have lived through troubled times, but at times, it seems like our current situation is a loop of impossible situation on top of impossible situation. Like the villain so tough he kills Superman.

3. The media. Without a thriving media, who knows what the brigands will get away with?

4. My IPod. It is long out of warranty, and I am terribly dependent on it.

5. My state of health. I know I should eat better, and exercise more. I know.

6. My son's future. As screwed up as everything is, I can't imagine it getting anything but worse.

7. The chance my wife will wake up and thinking "what the f(*k is wrong with me? I'm out of here."

8. My job. I am in no way confident they know what they are doing.

9. My life. I thought I would be smarter by now.

10. The thought that I will ever enjoy getting out of bed seems increasingly remote.

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