Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm going to pretend I didn't read that...

First Our Man DP, Dr. Scrappitude, Dustin Pedroia suffers a "rib cage" injury, now Our Man Youk, Kevin Youkilis, Mr. Upon This Rock I Build My Ball Team, has "ankle tendonitis".

Now, both of these injuries could be nothing, or they could be little nagging things that will be gone by Opening Day, or they could be big nagging things that are going to cause multiple DL stints and long, Gobi Desert-ish stretches of offensive incompetence when I will be rooting for people named Chris Carter and Lars Anderson to get hits for my baseball team, or they could be done for the season.

I hate the WBC. Yeah, I know it could have happened during spring training, or carrying a body to a dumpster, or whatever, but until I have games to worry about, I'm going to worry about this.

Now, if Dice K comes back from Team Japan complaining about shoulder soreness, you can contact me on the Ben Franklin Bridge. I'll be the guy jumping off of it.

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