Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why watch Return of the Jedi? Again?

Why am I watching Return of the Jedi instead of the tournament?

Why am I asking you about it?

I like basketball plenty, I just haven't found good reasons to watch the tournament in several years. It's just one of those things that, as I get busier, seem to slip to the back of the queue.

In general, I'm just at kind of a low ebb right now. Finding it hard to care too much about a lot of things, so that a 25 year old movie I have seen a dozen times is worth watching, even with commercials. Keeps the thinking to a bare minimum.

Today was a strange day-celebrating my son's 13th birthday, we drove to Rockefeller Center and the Nintendo World store. The Pokemon Platinum game was being released 1 day early at the store, so we decided that would be his birthday thing.

It was an interesting sight. We got there about 10am, which I thought would be moderately ok for an 11am event, but apparently people had been there since 8pm the night before to get places at the front of the line. The line was already a block and a half, and we took our places quickly. The line grew until it was wrapping around the building. So we waited, the Pokemon geeks and the attending Other People, shivering when the sun went behind the buildings, and waited for the store to start selling the game.

By 12 noon, we had made our way through the line and to the front, where my son bought the game with his birthday money. 6 hours of travel and waiting, $62 in parking and tolls, and another Saturday blown pretty much away.

If you need a reason why you shouldn't have kids, that's pretty much it right there.

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