Monday, September 08, 2008

Well, this isn't good news.

Obviously, Brady's injury sends shock waves through the league and the fantasy world.

There will be the requisite cackling from Patriot haters, of course. The Patriots are fairly system-centric, though. Virtually any competent NFL quarterback should be able to function there, and the Pats will score points-but they won't have Brady's savoir faire.

Big, big news, and I don't think it is overstating to say, as Tom Jackson and Chris Berman did this morning on Sportscenter, that this tilts the entire balance of power of the AFC and the NFL at large.

Glad I don't own him, that's for sure.

My team did well in Week One-McNabb, Reggie Wayne, Burress, Brandon Jacobs, among others-and it sounds like I'm going to cruise to a win. I wonder how bad I would have screwed it up if I had remembered to actually attend the draft and make my own picks.

My baseball team is in the playoffs, too. Banner year for fantasy for me.



  1. The Patriots will still be a TEAM to take on. They might be a tad weaker due to the loss of Brady, but not for one second will I think that they will go easily and quietly.

  2. No, certainly not, but they are not the same. Division winners? Probably. But champions? Maybe not.


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